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2021 Launderette Christmas Mix

We lost the old site, but don’t toss yer salads.
We’ve figured a way, to get you Christmas ballads.

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New Mixtape

Brigham’s BirthdayNational Geographic (mp3)

Favorite Story

Hallows ’12 EP

Download Hallows ’12National Geographic (m4a)

Halloween Mix 2005

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Heaven help us NatGeo

Swank Swankas

Music Video Page

The Laser Disc Music page is back up and fully operational (see above). I know you’ve all been anxiously waiting for its return.
Yes, Mistah FAB is still on it. Yes, it still takes forever to load the whole thing.
Remember 320×240? You’ll see some of that. Remember embedding quicktime files? There’s some of that too.
The content is dope though. Enjoy.


New Site



– The date that most resembles corduroy.
Not for 100 years will one so resemble the comfortable classic again.
We hope you celebrated well.
‘All Hail The Wale’