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2021 Launderette Christmas Mix

We lost the old site, but don’t toss yer salads.We’ve figured a way, to get you Christmas ballads. Download Full Playlist

Favorite Story

Hallows ’12 EP

Download Hallows ’12 – National Geographic (m4a)

Halloween Mix 2005

Download Halloween 2005 Heaven help us NatGeo

Music Video Page

The Laser Disc Music page is back up and fully operational (see above). I know you’ve all been anxiously waiting for its return. Yes, Mistah FAB is still on it. Yes, it still takes forever to load the whole thing. Remember 320×240? You’ll see some of that. Remember embedding quicktime files? There’s some of that […]

New Site



11.11.11 – The date that most resembles corduroy. Not for 100 years will one so resemble the comfortable classic again. We hope you celebrated well. ‘All Hail The Wale’


In this photograph of the Brattle Theatre circa 1953, you can see a sign that says “Opening Soon! Foreign Films.” The brilliant idea behind the sign belonged to Harvard classmates Cy Harvey and Bryant Haliday, without whom the Brattle Theatre would probably not be showing the eclectic array of films it does to this day; […]

Balthazar & Liking Yourself

“Is it a Rorschach test? I don’t know, but there are enough people who are sort of convinced by what he shows us, that they first are willing, and later look forward to… how, how many times have I seen Au Hasard Balthazar? Oh, many many times because I like what it does to me. […]


“I’ve put my life into it. I’m fully aware that it’s my life. I don’t have parents– they’re gone. I don’t get another life. I’m 34 years old and this is it. My entire youth is gone and dedicated to this, so I care enormously. I meet lots of people who don’t realize that this […]