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Village Building

Paper Snoot

Merry Christmas

Ice-Cycle – Ferris Plock

Rough Draft

1/2 Stolen From Walter Meego – National Geographic 1. Got It Twisted Sister (The Rapture Vs. Mobb Deep) – Dopplebanger 2. Peg – Steely Dan 3. Things Are Getting Better – N.E.R.D 4. Saturdays – Cut Copy 5. The Remix – Wallpaper 6. 1234 (Van She Technologic remix) – Feist 7. Wanna Be A Star […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is good. Other than eating bird, it’s a holiday up for interpretation. Come up with a new tradition this year. • Write a list of stuff you’re thankful for • Bicycle or hike • Have dance-off • Bocce ball • Rake Leaves • Design a bird call • Plant something (add trout) • Dress […]


Remembering Mr. Katenga Are we really stealing bikes still? Have we not reached an age of wisdom and presence where we steal things of monetary value, and not sentimental? iPods, wallets, identities… these are small, expensive and easy to palm; but bicycles! I’d understand if you just really needed a ride, but how much could […]


Goodbye Talent Show – 2002


Essays can be fun. And about anything. They can be short, and witty. Interesting and provocative. Submit one today. – ed.

Raise Your Hands In The Air

September 2007 – Wes Anderson

Not Too Shabby

Brown Sound Clothing – Brown Sound Clothing